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Anxiety Awareness

As being a sufferer of anxiety, I know how hard it is for others to know how to deal and cope with everything they are going through. Even though I have managed to deal with my anxiety in many ways there are still moments where it creeps up on me. My anxiety is something which… Continue reading Anxiety Awareness

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My life as a Blogger

Sitting here today, I never thought I would be doing something I have dreamed about for ages. 8 months ago I plucked up the courage to start a blog, and my goodness I am so happy I have. Having this blog (my little baby) was the best thing I could have ever done. Admittedly I… Continue reading My life as a Blogger

life, mental health

Lauren’s Guide to helping with Stress

Chapter 1 in a long series of advice pages - I hope! Back story Stress is something which has affected me from a youngish age. I was a very hot headed child and would get angry really easily. As I grew up and it came to all my exams, I experienced stress and anxiety for… Continue reading Lauren’s Guide to helping with Stress

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Goals for the rest of 2017

Summer is approaching fast. I mean, c'mon its nearly June! Half the year has gone and I still feel like I have achieved nothing. Thinking things like that is what brings my confidence levels down and lets the anxiety and depression creep back in. So no, I have achieved things already. Since the beginning of… Continue reading Goals for the rest of 2017