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Thank you for all the support!

I really need to get on top of updating this blog more regularly - I am very guilty of putting this off but I haven't really done anything exciting to talk about. BUT! Keep an eye out, I have a pretty exciting month ahead of me! This post is mainly about me thanking all of… Continue reading Thank you for all the support!

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A new upgrade

Since I started GCSE Photography my family have always been supportive of my photography work. My first ever SLR camera was a Canon 300D and this done me well throughout the years I have used it. When I thought of pursuing my photography even further, I decided it was time for an upgrade. My wonderful… Continue reading A new upgrade

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Lets get to know Loz

I'm hoping that this blog will be a mixture of my everyday life and adventures along with my photography dream. SO! I have found a bunch of random questions and will answer them all for your entertainment! What was your favourite food when you were a child? I was the worlds fussiest child when it… Continue reading Lets get to know Loz

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Experience Gained

My Nan and her new husband got married in August and with me being the only photographer in the family, I got asked if I could help out. Of course I'm not gonna give up any experience which could further my skills and photography name. I traveled from Hampshire all the way back to my… Continue reading Experience Gained