Career Paths?

All my life I have been so confused about what I want to do  and I believe that 20 is still too young to be worrying about the future.

I’m in a stable full time job where they support me and push me to do better academically. I’ve completed my NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration which I loved every second of. I love all the coursework and I love learning new things and getting something worth while.

Business has always been my career path choice since choosing my GCSE courses as everyone told me learning about business is the first stepping stone to a successful career and will open many doors for me. This has been true so far as I have gone from being an apprentice to being offered a full time job!

Photography is another road I’ve always wanted to go down and GCSE Photography went really well for me, learnt a lot and got myself an A for my final project. Why I didn’t continue this in college was a silly mistake. Since school, I dabbled in photography and it wasn’t until my amazing boyfriend bought me a new upgrade to my previous camera that I started to care.

Since adjusting my work hours, I now actually have time to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer. All of my best work I try to keep updated on my Instagram where I like to receive feedback so I can improve. I love to take portraits and landscapes which is where I believe I am strongest. Wedding photography is a field I would love to make a second career in and have recently had my first opportunity doing this (See post). All feedback I have received regarding these photographs has been positive and a major confidence boost that I needed to get me into it again.



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