True Friends

Throughout your life people will come and go. If they do, they clearly weren’t meant to be there in the first place.

Above is a photograph of my two close friends who I love dearly. They are both true friends and I would not have it any other way. They have both changed my life for the better and keep me on a straight path so I don’t get in too much trouble.

Keira has been my best friend for over 8 years now and we’ve had our ups and downs like most friendships have. To describe her in her phrase would ‘strong willed big kid’. She is the right level of blunt and is a strong believer of the tough love (works wonders on me when I’m being a pain in the bum!) I wouldn’t change a thing about her. I am so proud of her for following her dreams. Currently she is working her bum off to be able to afford her travelling dreams when she leaves next May and I am going to miss her millions.

Ryan on the other hand, has been my best friend for 3 years and every moment with him has been priceless. We just click and bring out the wackiness in each other. He is the right level of daring and I’m the right level of crazy and we inspire each other. For the last 3 years, if I have ever been going through a crisis(no matter how small) he will always be there with the best advice to help me through. Ryan is also leaving me to follow his dreams of joining the Navy and is due to leave in December. I am so proud of this young gentleman with everything he has achieved and will achieve in future years.

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