Branching out

This evening I have been creating a new Facebook page to be able to show off my talents for my photography. Generally I am a shy person who cares a lot about what other people think but I have my close friends and family here to support me in what I want to do.

The whole idea for having a Facebook page and an Instagram account dedicated to my photography is to show everyone what I love to do, inspire others and to be able to see how I have progressed through the years to come. In addition to this, it is a great way for me to be able to get feedback from all you lovely people who view my blog and those on Instagram who support me by following me, likes and comments – it means a lot to me!

This month, I will be starting a Diploma in Photography which has several different modules to help me know my camera and all the different manual setting I can do. I am super excited to be doing this course and will be sharing my journey on my blog. My camera (Canon 700D) is still very new to me as I never had the time to go and play with it but now, I have rekindled my passion for photography.

The main base of the photos on both of my pages are related to the wedding I was a photographer for. This was my first main project/event since getting my camera. My siblings are always more than keen to be my models for portraits, plus I live in a beautiful area, easy to capture those stunning landscapes.

So please check out my Instagram page and Facebook page. Likes, follows and comments are always appreciated!

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