Thank you for all the support!

I really need to get on top of updating this blog more regularly – I am very guilty of putting this off but I haven’t really done anything exciting to talk about. BUT! Keep an eye out, I have a pretty exciting month ahead of me!

This post is mainly about me thanking all of you who read my blog, like my Facebook page and follow me on my Instagram. I have reached over 1.2k followers on my Instagram page – thank you to everyone! In addition to this, every time I upload a new photograph (which again I am guilty of putting off), I get lots of response with likes, comments and DMs – this makes me extremely happy that others are interested in the work I have produced.

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who has been patience with me when I pester them with my camera wanting to take their photos. My little brother on the other hand is always asking me to take his photo hence why most of my photographs are of him. I am looking to branch out and do more landscape and nature photography – just need to get of my lazy bum and go explore!(Very early pre New Years resolution)

I have a few dates in my calendar which I am going to take my camera too such as my double date with my all time best friend at the weekend and my boyfriend Jonny, his band (Heinous Pianist) has a gig in the middle of October so hopefully will try and test out my flashgun there!

Middle of November I have been booked for an engagement party so I have all this to look forward too.

But again, I would not be doing this without everyone’s support so a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has help me pursue this dream of mine! Lots of love to you all!

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