I’ve finally done it

As I type this, my first ever YouTube video is uploading and I am terrified. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I believe I have done well for a beginner.

I have noticed lots of things which I need to improve on or need to get for my camera to make the video even better such as an external microphone because the sound quality is great but you can hear the camera lens keep adjusting! New microphone is on the way.

My first ever video to be uploaded is the sibling tag which I have done one out of 3 of my siblings. This is my sister who is 17. I plan to make another video in the future with my brother who is 6 which will be a whole different video as he will just say lots of funny things to the questions.

I plan to be vlogging too but again, these videos wont be as great as I will probably be using my iPhone to begin with until I invest in a camera. I am going to Thorpe Park with my best friend Ryan on Monday 31st. Didn’t realise that it was actually Halloween until we arranged it all so prepare for a lot of the video to be me crying with fear because of how scared I will be.

I also want to do a vlog on my new baby sister who was born on Thursday 27th to introduce her to the world as she is so perfect (apart from when she cries). Just waiting for her to be more settled and my mum to feel better before doing this!


Please come join me on my YouTube adventure, the link to my first ever video is here. All comments are welcome to help me improve and please subscribe and like my videos – I would be very grateful

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