Coping with stress&anxiety every single day

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post in which I explain why I hadn’t been online much. Some of the reasons listed in the post is why I haven’t been uploading still. But fear not! I am getting myself back on track.

This post is all about ways in which I deal with my stress and anxiety on a day to day basis.

My main issue at the moment is the fact my stress&anxiety are affecting my sleep pattern. No matter what I do, I won’t fall asleep until 1-3am. This is affecting my mood and making me really warn down. One of the things which has helped me is the Pukka Night Time tea. It doesn’t help me get to sleep like it used to but I definitely feel more relaxed after a cup of this.


My anxiety does get the better of me on most days and my concentration for work or everyday tasks has completely dropped because of this. I feel all muddled and all over the place. I have to be organised and I panic more when I don’t feel like I am. To be able to cope with my muddled head, I have to make a list for the day, a list for the week and a list for the month of everything I would like to achieve.

  • Lists for the day tend to be work related as I am there most of the week.
  • Lists for the week tend to be things like ‘clean your flat’ ‘organised your makeup collection’ ‘have a day of exercise and meditation’ – just little things which make me feel like I have control.
  • List for the month tend to be more ‘Lauren’ based like ‘See your friends at least once a week even if you don’t feel up to it’ ‘Go visit the family more to get out of the flat and into a new environment’ ‘Have a day trip at least once a week even if this is just a walk around a country park or to the beach’. Having lists like these make me feel like I am in control and I am pushing myself to get past all the fears I’ve built myself up to have.

My next step at the moment is to talk to someone. I have myself booked in for a session with a counsellor soon. Hopefully I have unload some of my stress and problems and they can help me come up with a good solution to make me feel better about myself. There are days where I feel like I can’t take anymore and where the anxiety has pushed me to be having panic attacks and randomly having outbursts of crying but I know that all of my friends are just a message away to make me feel better.

1 thought on “Coping with stress&anxiety every single day

  1. You do not need a counselor to have therapy in today’s age, there are enough people who experience the same things that you do. Rather than trust someone who has studied mental health issues in a book, i would prefer to talk to someone who has pulled themselves out of the darkness and turned their life around.
    Not saying it won’t help, just saying there are people who have real life experience in dealing with this who can help you…i am one of them (not perfectly sane by any means, but remember Johnny depp as the Mad Hatter “The best ones are a bit insane”)

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