Update : Anxiety and I

I thought I would do something different which is a little bit of a different path to what this blog was meant to be about. This blog was supposed to be all about my photography and to show off all my work (which I am still doing). However, since starting my blog I have:

  1. Started my own YouTube channel
  2. Lost and gained control over my anxiety
  3. Decided to take a different career path

Photography is something I am passionate about but being a photographer isn’t my life goals anymore. This blog has turned into me expressing all the things which are happening in my life and I honestly love the fact this has happened.

Having anxiety is one of my daily struggles. Some days I have it under control, others I has control of me. I wake up each morning wondering what the day is going to hold for me. Since changing my outlook on how I see myself and how others see me, I have changed so much as a person. Obviously I still care about what others think of me and I do take it in but at the end of the day, people who just bring you down aren’t worth being a part of your life. You have to surround yourself with positivity and happiness, well this works for me.

By not caring as much about what other people think, my confidence levels have shot up, I have been able to control my anxiety but with meeting new people I still feel a bit closed off. This is something I am working on but I am still making progress!

Until next time, Lauren x

2 thoughts on “Update : Anxiety and I

  1. Hey Lauren ,Thanks for stopping by on my blog and giving it a follow. Your photographs are wonderful so keep up the great work.Stay connected.

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  2. Hi Lauren, it’s great you’re able to control your anxiety. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks, and thankfully, it’s now under control. Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow. It’s nice to connect with you! Take care, Jenny

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