May Favourites

Since we are getting to the end of May, I thought it would be a good opportunity to start my favourites of the months (better late than never!)

Lets start with things to watch! Since I spend most of my time in the flat because I rarely have a social life, Netflix is my one true love. Recently I have started watching Riverdale and my god, I can not stop. I will come home from work and it will be the first thing on the telly. The storyline is catchy (won’t go into detail in case of spoliers) and the actors play their roles perfectly. I can relate to so many of the characters in this series and for me that’s what draws me in more.

And how could I ever forget the main reason I bought Netflix, Pretty Little Liars. In a way, I’m sad they are ending the show after this season but its getting frustrating now. Each couple of seasons and there’s a new ‘bad guy’. I really hope we find out all of the unanswered questions because this show is driving me mad! I decided it was a good idea to watch it from the beginning again as I waited for new episodes – wrong move Loz. Its crazy how much they have grown up and going back to the beginning really blew my mind. Since characters which I had forgot about and little story lines too. Fingers crossed A.D is someone good, right PLL fans?!

A big throwback for me this month is I found my love for The Sims again. I’ve got Sims 4 and I just couldn’t stop at the beginning of the month. I was addicted. Building houses is my favourite thing to do and how complex raising a child is too. Now, I’m going to play Sims, byeeeee!

I have been loving all of New Look’s summer range they are slowly bringing out! Like, damn, that’s right up my street. Everything is so pretty and colourful. I am loving the strappy vest tops and flowy tops at the moment. Just a few days ago, I couldn’t help myself and bought two more vest tops to wear in the summer at work.

Beauty wise, I am loving the L’Oreal Infallible range! The primer and foundation are perfection. Always my go to primer and my foundation for the problem days! The primer is matte and feels amazing on the skin. The foundation is so moussey and is high coverage – leaves me looking like a ghost which is what I need for those days my skin wants to play up.

Gin&Tonics especially Silent Pool gin is my go to drink when out with friends or at a meal. I just can’t help myself. Silent Pool gin is gorgeous.

Until next time, Lauren x

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