Lord Dr Dr Abbott

Once upon a time, 7 years ago, a girl and a boy met. They both didn’t know that they liked each other and as time went on they grew apart and met other people. Little did they know that one day things would fall into place.

Now their story started with a friend who introduced them and countless times spent together with this friend. Over this time together, she learnt many life skills from him including how to connect a laptop up to a telly. She learnt that gory films such as Saw makes her very nauseous to the point of nearly puking. He had already giving her nicknames such as traffic cone from the times he would walk her to the train station when she would go home. She liked him a lot but was never confident enough to do anything about this. Later in life she learnt that he felt the same.

As the years go on, they drifted apart and hardly spoke anymore but she always had this thing for him. She would be nosy at all his social media to see what he had been up to and how he is getting on with life but never messaged him.

And here we are, 7 years later from that time they met. He started commenting and liking lots of her things on Facebook until he was in every other notification. She plucked up the courage to message him to see how he has been since they last spoke. She was so nervous about messaging him because as we know from early in the story, she’s always had this thing for him.

Couple of days of catching up and she’s so happy she messaged him as they are getting along just fine! Then out of nowhere he asks to take her out when he was back home way since he had moved to Wales over the years of them not talking. Of course she agrees, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to lose this chance with him. She also learns that he wanted to ask her out about 3 years ago and chickened out.

A few weeks go by of them just talking and getting to know each other better and he lets her know that he has moved back home for good. He was literally a 10 minute drive away from her home. The butterflies she felt reading that message from him was uncontrollable. So not long after that she saw him for the first time, and my god was she nervous. I wouldn’t even say nervous, she was terrified. As always, she had worked herself up over nothing. Everything went smoothly and after a few times of meeting up and him coming to her flat, he pretty much moved in. This didn’t feel rushed for the both of them, it just felt right.

After being apart for 7 years and being in other relationships, they both knew that something was different this time around and referring to each other as the ‘self titled boyfriend/girlfriend’ turned into them being a couple.

Nearly 4 months later of them first talking and they’ve both met each others parents who approve of the other and they’ve got their own flat together. They are like best friends and lovers at the same time. He never fails to make her day and make her smile. Yes, no relationship is perfect and they argue over things that bother them but they get it sorted as soon as it happens. They can handle each other’s humour (well, she can sometimes) and he can handle how sassy and confident she is. They are well suited for each other and who knows what the future holds for them.

So Lord Dr Dr Abbott, we got there in the end eventually you chicken. I would not change a moment of our time together because to me, you are perfect. Every minute I spend with you is another minute spent with my life partner. Even before we were together and we’d bump into each other and say hello, I knew you were the one for me. I am so thankful to have you in my life and the way you push me to do the things I love – you’ll never truly understand how much that means to me. Even if you are a massive pain to live with and annoy me with your catchy saying, I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way.

So heres to the beginning of the rest of our lives together – I love you, always.

Princess Salsa of Small Loaf x

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