Liebster Award Nomination

I’m back with a whole new exciting post! A massive thank you to the beautiful DarcyFern for nominating me! Go check that girl out and show her some support!

As it goes, I have to answer questions and you get to be nosy with the answers!

1- If you could only shop in one store; which one would it be?

Come on girls&guys! This has to be Primark for me. It has everything you need all year around. Amazing for the latest trends and of course them staple items for the wardrobe! It’s affordable and you can pick up a right steal in there, not only for clothes. I am all over their homeware range this year. I am obsessed with bedding, so Primark I see you!

2- What do you enjoy most about blogging?

My absolute favourite thing about blogging is meeting new bloggers like myself. Of course I enjoy documenting my life and (hopefully) helpful blog posts for all my readers. Other bloggers will understand when I say we are all like one big family. I never thought that from my blog I would meet new gals and guys who I can talk to as if I have known them my whole life. So shout out to my blogger family – you gals know who you are.

3- What is your favourite TV series at the moment?

GAME OF THRONES! I started watching it when it first game out and got distracted by Pretty Little Liars. But now that PLL is over (sobs) I’ve rekindled my love for GoT. Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the party with it being on Now TV so I have 6 days to binge watch S1-5. I’m at the beginning of S3 – good job I love a challenge!

4- Are you studying? If so where?

I’m not studying yet but in 2 months! I shall be attending South Downs College to do an evening course. I will be studying Health Science to fulfill my dream of going to uni to become a chiropractor! I have been warned it’s not an easy course but having a boyfriend who loves science and wants to be a doctor, I’ve got my own home tutor!

5- What country would you love to live in other than your own?

Currently I live in England, United Kingdom and I haven’t really ventured outside of the UK. I’ve had little family holidays abroad to Tenerife, Turkey and Crete. Honestly, I’m happy where I am. I’m such a family oriented person that I don’t think I will be able to leave my parents and siblings for too long. I moved out and live a 5 minute car journey.

6- How do you make the perfect cuppa?

I love a good strong tea. My go to cheer up drink if I’m honest. You get yourself a mug, boil the kettle. Pop a teabag in the mug, hot water and leave it. I’m so guilty of leaving it for 15 minutes to brew. Leave it for a few minutes and pop the sugar in (3 sugars for me), stir and squeeze. Teabag in bin and milk time. Literally a dribble for me. My teas will look like coffee by the time I’m finished. (Waits for the hate)

7- Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 years time, I will be turning 26. I see myself finishing my 4 out of 5 years at uni. Honestly, I would love to say I was married to the love of my life with our first child waiting for me at home but who knows what the future holds. I definitely see me still being with my partner Gareth, with our own family home and a cute little German Sheppard puppy. We could be married, we could be engaged, we could still just be us. We could have 2 children, we could have 1, we could have plans. Who knows. We just take each day as it comes.

8- Who would you want with you on a deserted island?

Captain Jack Sparrow – we would just drink all the rum. I’m useless when it comes to survival and I always say I will be first to go in a zombie apocalypse. Gareth is very switched on and knows lots of useful facts so maybe I’d let him tag along as I didn’t go mad maybe?

9- Cats or dogs?

Ah, I’m not a cat or dog lover but as I said earlier, there is definitely a German Sheppard puppy in my future. They are so adorable and Gareth’s parents have a German Sheppard who is just gorgeous. I’ve always been terrified of pets – scared of being attacked and bitten.

10- What is your life motto?

Live each day as it comes. Take opportunities and put yourself out there. When its right, you’ll know. You are the only person in control of your own happiness

Again, a massive thank you to Darcy for giving me this opportunity! Now time for me to nominate the next lot of bloggers who should be appreciated.

Your turn

Beki – Simply Beki

Charlotte – BlossomingChar

Georgia – Georgia’s Beauty Box

Caitlin – Caity Loux

Lauren – Loula Belle Rose

The Questions

  1. What is the best word to describe yourself and why?
  2. What is the main reason you started blogging?
  3. Costa or Starbucks?
  4. Would you rather – always have to say everything on your mind or never be able to speak again?
  5. What would your anthem be?
  6. If you could spend the day with any famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
  7. What your ideal environment which motivates you to blog?
  8. What’s the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
  9. Your dream car? Include a picture
  10. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I hope you all enjoy answering these questions as much as I enjoyed answering mine! Remember to let me know when you’ve done this; I’m so intrigued by your answers!

Until next time, Lauren x

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. I think i would choose primark too!!! haha

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