Happy 1st Birthday Baby Blog


Well, we’ve come a long way Mr Blog, haven’t we? After starting this blog and not knowing how things were going to go, I am so happy we have shared this 1st year together.

I have achieved so many incredible things because of this blog and I could be more proud of myself.

To begin with, this blog was a way for me to express my feelings and to be able to deal with my anxiety as well as showcasing my photography work. Now, well just look at all those drop down menus you have to choose from. Admittedly not all of them are full with posts yet but we are working on it.

Without this blog, I would not be in the same position I am today. My anxiety was crippling and I was too scared to leave my flat. Now, I see talking about my anxiety as a way of helping myself and others.

Without this blog, I would not have an amazing group of girls who are also bloggers. We chat and talk like we have know each other our whole lives and that I couldn’t be more thankful for. They are there when I need them the most and I can not wait for all the adventures we are going to have.

Without this blog, I wouldn’t really have any hobbies or anything to look forward to when I come home from work. Writing blog post is a passion I never want to lose. I want blogging to be something I pass down to my children so they understand what it is like.

In the last year,  I have gained over 4000 page views and over 100 followers and to me this is a big achievement.

So Mr Blog, I’ll have a drink for the both of us to celebrate this your birthday and everything we have been through together!

Until Next Time

1 thought on “Happy 1st Birthday Baby Blog

  1. Happy Birthday Blog! 🍾🎁

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