Sunshine Blogger Award

What? Another nomination for WelcomeToLozWonderland! A massive thank you to my girl Darcy for nominating me for this award. Go check her blog out and find her on  her other social media!

Now for this award I have to answer some questions so sit back, grab a cuppa and lets get down to it.

  1. What made you want to start blogging?
    The main reason for starting my blog was to express my anxiety instead of talking about it with the people in my life. I felt like if I just typed everything out and people read it and commented saying that they were the same I wouldn’t feel so alone. That’s why the blogging started but now that my anxiety has died down, I blog because I love it. To be able to have my own little place on the internet where I can share my opinion and help others out just makes me happy.
  2. Are you one of those who are excited for Halloween and Christmas already?
    HELLA YES. Christmas more than Halloween. I have already started listening to the music and watching the films.
  3. What is the one thing you love most about the blogging community?
    How supportive other bloggers are. I have such a supportive blogger friendship group. We all started off in a group to be able to get more views and help with your blog on Twitter. From that, there was about 12-13 of us in a group chat and now I have 3 of those girls who I can turn to with anything. They are like my sisters.
  4. What’s your favourite Disney film?
    Hands down is Tangled. The songs,the storyline – everything is perfect and so funny.
  5. Iphone or Android?
    iPhone all the way. I prefer the operating system and how smart everything is.
  6. What is your go to drink?
    GIN AND TONIC – you don’t have to ask me twice what I want.
  7. Do you have any blogging goals? (Share a couple)
    I have several goals. For my second blog which I co-own with Beki, Darcy and Katy to be a success. We have put so much effort into this second blog which has its own Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Make sure you check this blog out here.
    I want to be able to grow my personal blog and reach 1000 followers by the end of 2018.
    I want to be able to make sure there is at least 1 post under each category on my home page.
  8. What is your go to costume for Halloween?
    Wednesday Addams – all the way. But this year my beautiful boyfriend has agreed to a couples costumes so I’m feeling an Alice and Mad Hatter vibe this year.
  9. What are you listening to at the moment?
    2U (feat. Justin Bieber) by David Guetta. I have United Kingdom Top 50 Spotify playlist on as I am doing my overdue blog posts.
  10. What is your favourite chocolate bar?
    I’m not a chocolate fan but if I had to choose, it would be a classic Cadburys Fudge.

Now normally I would nominate people to do this for their blogs but I have been so out of sync recently that I’m not up to date. Ladies&Gents, if you are reading this and you have not done this for your blog – I nominate YOU!


  1. What’s the best thing about being a blogger to you?
  2. Do you do blogging as a job? If not, whats your job?
  3. Favourite season and why?
  4. Favourite song at the moment?
  5. What is your biggest fear?
  6. Who is your inspiration for your blog?
  7. Where do you see yourself and your blog in 5 years time?
  8. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
  9. Netflix, Amazon or NowTV?
  10. Do you schedule your blog posts or wing it?

Until Next Time

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. love you girlie, lets smash those goals!

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