25 Things Before I’m 25

Big thanks to Beki for creating this tag and nominating me to fill it out.

As of today, I am 21 years old and this will give me just under 4 years to complete this list which is not unreasonable.

  1. Pursue my modeling dream – not everyone is aware but in July I went for a model test day to see if I was ‘model material’. Turns out there is a high demand for girls like me with a quirky fashion sense and ways of expressing themselves. I just have to pay of my portfolios fees and I will be set. I will be doing a post on the photos when I get them
  2. Give blood – Now this is something I have always wanted to do despite my massive fear of needles. If I am able to do this, I want to because I could save someone’s life with the blood I donate.
  3. Live in a bigger flat or house – at the moment I live in a studio flat with my boyfriend and it will do for now but within 4 years I would love to be owning my own house with at least 2 bedrooms. One room which I would be able to turn into a study for me to be able to work on my uni work or my blog.
  4. 1000 followers on WordPress- At the moment in time we are at 114 follower which I am so grateful to have for a blog which is only a year old. I want to push myself and be able to get more followers by having a unique voice and covering different topics. Since you are here and if you do not follow – help a chica out?
  5. 1000 subscribers to YouTube – YouTube is something I am passion about but I am unable to find the time or things to video. This is changing. I have lots of people to support me now and push me to do well. Please head over and subscribe!
  6. Meet up with my blogger gals frequently  – Beki, Darcy and Katy are my main gals and I would love to spend all my free time with them but unfortunately we live in different parts of the UK and we are all in different forms of education and work. It just isn’t going to work out as well I would like. Most importantly, I want these girls there in all my key points in my life such as:
  7. Pregnant and Married – I want the three girls to be bridesmaids at my wedding and I’ve always had the dream of getting married and being pregnant or having my first by 24. Well 25 will have to do. My other half and I do talk a lot about this because I am a broody mess but we do talk about it seriously and I know he is the only one for me.
  8. Training to be a Chiropractor – This is easy to achieve if I get the right grades at college and if I get my place in my preferred university. Being a chiropractor is my dream job now that I have found my calling. I have worked as an administrator for a chiropractor company for 3 years now and everyone there has inspired me to go for it. The course itself interests me as I have always been a biology lover.
  9. First holiday with Gareth – I have not been on a proper holiday in ages and a holiday with a boyfriend has never happened before. I have never left the country without my mum before. Having a holiday abroad with Gareth would be so relaxing and a new experience at the same time
  10. Be more money savvy – I am terrible with money. I am a reckless spender. I need to learn how to save and this is something I will learn within the next years
  11. Get a Tattoo – this again relates to my fear of needles but I am going to man up and do it
  12. Go to a festival  –  this is something I have never experienced properly and would love to do this before I start settling down with a baby.
  13. Zipline in Wales – I have never done anything like this and would love to. My sister wanted to do this but due to unforeseen circumstances, she was unable to do it. With the boyfriends parents living 10 minutes away from this in Wales – it just makes sense to make the most of the opportunities life puts right in front of us.
  14. Get my dream car – Honda Civic Type R in White – WHERE YOU AT BABY?!
  15. Attend more blogger events – I want to be able to meet up more people like me. Being able to socialise with blogger and get feedback is a good way to progress.
  16. Stop being so shy – I am quite an outgoing person when I get to know people but at first I am so shy. I need to stop doing this and be the bold person I am.
  17. Visit the family more – It wont be long til I am away at University and will not have the time to see them so may as well make the most of the time I have near to them
  18. Family days out – Relates to No.17 but more days out instead of just having a catch up in the house
  19. Climb another mountain – I climbed Snowdon not that long ago and loved the experience. I would love to do this again.
  20. Own an iMac – they are beautiful and would be so easy to do all my university and blog work on.
  21. Own a dishwasher – If you know me well enough, I HATE CLEANING. A dishwasher would be helpful for when Gareth starts work or university.
  22. Spend more time with friends – I hardly have a social life and this needs to change. I have made more of an effort with the boyfriends friends and hopefully we can spend more time with them
  23. Stop smoking and don’t start again – I am guilty of quitting then going back to having the cheeky one now and again. I am stopping that from today, I’m not even gonna use my e-cig. I will do this and it will make me feel a whole lot better.
  24. Design my own theme for my blog – This is something I would love to do and collab with someone who designs blog themes.
  25. Read all the books at home before buying new ones – I am a bookworm and I am a sucker for a good front cover but I have over 20 books at home which have not been read yet and I need to read those before buying more.

I will update this again in 4 years time and we will see how far I got!

Until Next Time

6 thoughts on “25 Things Before I’m 25

  1. We better have cute dresses for your wedding!😉😂
    You better invite me to do that zip line with you too seeing as you’ll be in my country 😉😉😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. YASSS!


  2. I will hold your hand for your tattoo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please do! I’m gonna need it!

      Liked by 1 person

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