Blogger Recognition Award

HELLO! Another award for us – we are on a roll! Lets start!

The rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show you were nominated and share your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give 2 pieces of advise to new bloggers.

A most appreciated thank you to the beautiful Darcy for nominating me for this award – you star!

The story behind WelcomeToLozWonderland. About a year ago, I was suffering from anxiety and severe depression. Having a blog made me feel better and expressing all my feelings this way instead of having people bug me to talk to them. After a while of blogging, I regained my ‘strength’ and confidence to be myself again but not how I wanted to be. Bare in mind, at this point I was under a lot of pressure and stress. I dealt with all my problem outside of my Wonderland terribly. I was drinking every night, I was on anti-depressants and I was lonely. I had friends but it felt like they were not there.
Alongside my wonderful other half who came into my life during a rough patch and showed me that I was damaging myself more than anything, this blog saved me.

Thankfully, that part of my life is over with and I have recovered really well. I have been able to turn to my parents which I have built a stronger bond with, I’ve had my boyfriend to keep me in line and show me that there are other ways to cope and I’ve had my supportive friends to be there when it matters the most.

My advice to new bloggers would be : fuck what anyone else thinks. They are not you. Do not take in the negativity. Let it just bounce of you and you will do fine. Being a blogger is all about what you want and how you feel. See your blog as a diary of your life and everyone else is just viewing your life from the sidelines. Despite the negativity in some people, you will find some amazing people whilst creating a blog. You’ll make friends for life.

Until Next Time

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