Embarrassing Stories with Salsa

With the help from my family and close friends, I have decided to share some stories which could be funny or they could be classes as embarrassing for myself. You know what, who cares right? Its a bit of fun! AND, since I have no stuck to my regular routine of uploading and have been stuck, its only fair!


I was always a child who was fascinated in things which don’t concern me or I am not allowed to touch. One day, I managed to get my hands on my mothers makeup, this was not a good day (you know where this is going!) I was always one to experiment, make ‘potions’ and just generally make a mess. I took my mum’s makeup and covered my face with whatever I could put on. Apparently I looked like an Oopma Loopa.


Still as a young child, I couldn’t stop myself from getting into trouble and doing things I shouldn’t. I had been sent to bed and I was not tired so young Lauren decided she wanted to be a hairdresser. With a pair of safety paper scissors, I went chopping my hair. At the time, I had a cute short bob with a full front fringe. By the time I was finished, I no longer had a fringe. I went to show my mum what I had done because I was so proud but my mum was horrified. I told her I had cut my fringe off because I wanted to look just like Mummy. Well we both had a little cry and a cuddle. Timed the hair cut perfectly as Mum had some photoshoots all lined up too!


Even at the age of 20, I am still a pro at embarrassing myself. Gareth (my gorgeous boyfriend) had moved down from Wales and we had started seeing each other with the hope to end up like we are now. We were having a few drinks and watching some films and I, clearly, drank too much that evening. I was munching away on my sizzling salsa doritios with my chunky salsa dip, happy as Larry when I decided to say ‘Wow, this crisps taste an awful lot like Salsa’. The words just wouldn’t stop flowing out my mouth. Baring in mind, this was the first or second night of meeting up with Gareth after 7 years. This is a memory which embarrasses me and makes me laugh. Without that night I would not have gained the name SalsaChunk from Gareth.

As the years have gone by, I have learnt that I don’t really get embarrassed anymore. I have surrounded myself with people I trust and people I can just be myself around. They accept me for who I am and thats all you need in life!

At this very moment in time, I am asking for questions for my Q&A for a YouTube video. If you have Twitter, please use the #AskSmallLoaf < ask me a question on this – already giving you a head start! Would be greatly appreciated!

Until Next Time


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