Blogmas Day 3 : Festive Films

Everyone has different preferences for their Christmas films. Below you will see my top 5 favourite Christmas films!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my ultimate favourite film purely because Jim Carrey is an amazing actor with everything he does. This has always been a favourite throughout all the children in my family and is the only Christmas film my other half will sit and watch without complaining

Love Actually


SO MANY FAMOUS ACTORS. I love how mushy the storyline to this film is. If you have not seen it then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It has everything you need – funny, tear jerker and pulls on those heart strings!



I am a lover of horrors even though I am a massive wussbag but this is a comedy horror which is the best. The ‘scary’ parts are the best when the storyline unfolds. This is definitely a film I will watch over and over again.

Arthur Christmas


I am a sucker for a good animated film and this ticks all the boxes for me. This film is one which is on repeat at my Mum’s house. I could recite this film word for word. Just seeing how happy my brother watching this and believing in Christmas is the best

Home Alone


I mean, it’s classic, who doesn’t love Home Alone? It’s a Christmas film which my children’s children will be introduced too. Its the perfect film to get a hot choccy, mince pies and have cuddles too.

Whats your favourite Christmas film?

Until Next Time

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