Blogmas Day 4 – Bucket List

I have decided that I want to do a bucket list to complete by this time next year, ready for Blogmas 2018. There’s lots of things I want to do in life but I’m either too scared or don’t have enough time. Now some of these are gonna be more goals which rely on other people too – you’ll understand what I mean!

By this time next year, I would like to:

  1. Get the best grades possible throughout my Access to HE – Health Science course.
    Now, this means a lot to me and relates to point 2. My Access course is something I am very passionate about and I love to do. It has taken me a couple of years to find my calling in life and this is the step towards it.
  2. Be attending AECC in Bournemouth to study Masters in Chiropractic
    Now since the end of 2016, I have wanted to be a chiropractor after working in a chiropractic clinic for the past 3 years and now I am following these dreams! This time next year I was to be able to say ‘I am a student at AECC studying to become a Chiropractor’
  3. Get a puppy
    Now this is something that me and Gareth would really like to do, we just need to get a place which allows animals. Would love to come home and have a cute face to come and cuddle with.
  4. To go on holiday – preferably Disneyworld.
    I have not been on holiday for about 3 years now and I am a big kid and want to go meet the princesses. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to go to Disneyworld.
  5. Give blood
    Now all my family and boyfriend would read this and cry with laughter. I am the biggest wuss going when it comes to needles. Aged 16, getting my last injection ever and I still had to have my mum there with me and I still cried. To give blood and know that it could have saved a life would mean the world.

Hopefully by Blogmas 2018 I can let everyone know if I managed to complete all 5 of these things. Lets do this all again tomorrow!

Until Next Time


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3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 4 – Bucket List

  1. Sounds like a great list of goals! Good luck on your academics! And who wouldn’t want a puppy???
    Enjoying your blogmas posts. I am hosting a blogmas contest on my blog, I think you might be interested in submitting


    1. Thank you so much! Yes I’ll have a look:D

      Liked by 1 person

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