Blogmas Day 9 – Christmas Childhood Memories

My family is a huge lover of Christmas. I am the oldest so the magic of Christmas for the young ones has been with me since I grew up. I have 3 younger siblings (18 year old sister, 7 year old brother and 1 year old sister).

So growing up with Meg (18), we grew up together and grew out of the stories you tell the younger children but when this happened, our parents (Mum and Stepdad – just refer to him as Dad because he pretty much is and wouldn’t have it any other way) had another baby. Mum has carried on the same traditions since I was a little girl.

One thing which has remained the same through the years is Santa dropping a Christmas eve present at the back door right before bed. My mum likes to get us new PJs to sleep in for the Christmas night. When I was little, this used to make me so excited for Christmas and the morning to come with all the presents. Now that I’ve grown up, I still get this present on the 24th – it’s tradition in the family.  Watching the panic on Mum’s face trying not to get caught to watching my little brother face light up went he opens the back door to see the present for each child is priceless. This is a tradition which I will pass onto my own children when the time comes.

My mother loves her sleep and you will get your head bitten off if you try to wake her, but Christmas Day is the one day a year she is awake and ready to go before the children. She will make us all stand at the top of the stairs and would cover our eyes and lead us downstairs. My dad would look through the door to make sure that Santa isn’t here and to make sure he hasn’t forgot our house.

Christmas is the only time where chocolate is acceptable for breakfast in our household. Any selection boxes we get are normally at the top of the present piles our parents set out of us. All the siblings go for these first and eat chocolate as we unwrap all the other gifts from the parents and long distance family members. The rest of the family joins us at my parents house for Christmas dinner and after that we sit down and exchange gifts with the grandparents and uncles.

Well this is an insight into my Christmases growing up!

Until Next Time

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