Blogmas Day 11 – My Christmas Wishlist

As a child, this was my favourite part of Christmas. To be able get the Argos catalogue and circling all the things I wanted. Now that I’ve grown up, I buy what I want as I go. Christmas is so hard when the parents and boyfriend ask what you want. Everything I don’t have is so expensive.

So below is list of things I would love to received but I know some are never gonna happen unless I save and work my bum off!

iMac Pro


Being a creator, an iMac would definitely help with my productivity and giving me that push because I’d never be off it. I use an iMac at work and I adore them. They have such good reviews from everyone who uses them for producing videos and editing. Yes, they are on the pricey side but it would be so worth the money!

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM


I have been after a new lens for my camera for ages and this is the one I love. I need a more wide lens for the landscape photography I love to do and it would be perfect for filming videos too!

Canon M10 Mirrorless Camera


I would love to be able to do weekly vlogs for my YouTube channel but my Canon 700D is to chunky to do this with. I would love to have a smaller camera to be able to take around with me on days out. Would also be nice to have so I can build up a video diary of my days to look back on at the end of year!

ZOEVA Complete Brush Set


I’m not an overly girly girl. I hardly wear make up and if I do, it’s either to make myself feel better or I have an event/special day to attend. To have a high quality brushes, it would boost my confidence and how I feel. The brushes I have at the moment are all from EcoTools which are amazing too!

Zoella Mini Four Scents


I received the large bottle of the Gingerbread scent last year for Christmas and my god! It was beautiful. I would never leave without wearing it. I haven’t tried any of her other scent but I’m sure they are just as good!

These are the main things which I aim to get over the next year because I know I will not get any of these for Christmas. I’m a big dreamer!

Until Next Time

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