Blogmas Day 14 – Christmas Lush Range Haul

During the colder seasons, pamper days and cosy warm baths are the way forward. I know I love coming home after a long day at work to feel refreshed and relaxed! Best way for this is to treat yourself to some goodies at Lush!

Their Christmas range this year is amazing and full of new and reoccurring products. Below are some of my all time favourites to use, whether is bubble bars, bath bombs or just simple scrubs and washes.


Butterbear – Bomb Bomb – £2.50


Luxury Lush Pud – Bath Bomb – £4.50


Magic Wand – Reusable Bubble Bar – £5.95


The Magic of Christmas – Reusable Bubble Bar – £5.95


Berry Berry Christmas – Naked Shower Gel – £11.95


Until Next Time

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